Join the cause

There are several ways how you can get involved in this project:

Learn about Zimbabwe. Knowledge is the basis for change. Get aware of the problems as they prevail in Zimbabwe. Check out our cause section, follow our links and learn more about projects you might want to get involved in.

Spread the word. Better than knowing is setting forth actions! Tell your family and friends about what you learned about Zimbabwe. The more people learn about Zimbabwe, the more people get involved and the greater the chance that wonderful and helpful projects prosper from an idea.

Start your own project/action. Be it a project like ours, a speech in a group of peers, or a jumble sale at school that yields some money for donation, any means leads to an end. There are numerous ways, think of one and make it happen!

Buy a t-shirt and help! Thank you all for the tremendous support last year! As our longboard 2009 tour ended, our t-shirt orders also came to an end. We are proud to announce that our tour yielded donations to the Elias Fund of 1,100€ (read post). All to help the “Albert Street Refugee School” project.

This year we continue with our project longboarding Sweden and wishing to make a donation at the end of it with, once again, your support. Our t-shirt sale starts on June 28, 2010 and ends on August 10, 2010—thanks again for your support people! Stay tuned on our blog for an update about the money we end up gathering this year to help the young refugees in Zimbabwe.

Make a donation! The Elias Fund, that we work together with, also gives the opportunity to make a donation. If you find the programs they’re carrying out good and have the feeling that you can spare a couple of bucks, send them some money @Elias Fund Donation—thanks!